How To Get Make Up Products Discounted - 80% Off Retail

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We all know the expense of looking sexy, £13 for Mascara here, £7 for lipstick there, but it shouldn't be this way. I can tell you from experience that the price you buy most of these products for is at least 10x what they cost to make.

So what can we do to bring our expenses down?


Lippi is a subscription box service for the lovers of make up who would also like to save some money at the same time.

What's inside

Lippi feature four handpicked item that fit you skin tone. These items will be a mix of lipsticks, lip liners, mascara, nail polish, sponges, brushes and much more.


We have a large selection of brands we feature in our subscription box such as Maybelline, NYX, Rimmel, Max Factor, MUA and more. We alternate through these brands so what you get will be a surprise

More Discount

Because we want every woman to be exposed to these amazing discounts, we've lowered the entry price even further with 50% off our box price with code "TRYME50" Offer ends soon!

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