Some Questions You May Have...


Do I get to choose the colour lipsticks I receive?

After you select your skin tone, we hand pick the colours we think are best suited. After all we love to surprise you. 

Why have I not yet received my order?

Orders are not done consistently therefore if you register for the subscription after the 10th of the month you will have to wait for next months shipping. Orders are normally sent out on the 17th maybe earlier. 

Will I have to manually sign in and pay for next months order?

Not at all. We have a service where you are billed automatically, so all you have to do is look forward to when your next lipstick trio arrive.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to all European countries and North America. Postage price varies on your country. If you live outside the UK, please allow a few extra business days for your order to arrive.

How long is the subscription?

Thats the great thing about Lippi, you can cancel any time by logging into your account.

If I need to change my delivery address how do I go about doing it?

If you want to change the address where your Lippi subscription is delivered to then simply log into your account and change it.

We will add more questions as they come in...