Lippi Relax Essentials - Relaxation Subscription

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Chance to Win A  FREE LIMITED EDITION Bath Bomb Worth £5 If You Buy Before The Timer Ends


Lippi is a subscription service where we send a variety of luxurious products to help you relax to your door every month without the worry. With a minimum stay of 3 orders, we have a load of products to treat you with. 

We include products like Bath Bombs, soaps, scented candles in all shapes, sizes and flavours from brands you love. You will always get 3-5 products that we have chosen for you which will always include a bath bomb and a soap. Different scents and flavours will be in a rotation. Now and then we throw in a few extra items and we have full confidence that you'll love it.

The Beauty industry has turned into a massive market, with Kylie Jenner and Nicky Minaj dipping their toes into this field of work. It's hard to keep up with it all. Here at Lippi we do all the thinking for you. We grace your bodies from the very beginning with our tried and tested products.


For full terms and conditions of subscription service, click here.